Want passive income, to earn money without a 9-5? This is the exact system I used to grow my rental portfolio from 0 to 15 properties in 24 months, and my partner Denise showed her children to build their own passive income by age 23.


Learn how to start earning passive income on the side of a full-time job, even especially if you’re a working parent!

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Rental Investing Video 1

Video #1: 5 Tactics to Score Awesome Deals in Any Market

Rental Investing video 2

Video #2: Blueprint for Buying Properties with Little Cash

Video #3: Gas on the Fire – 4 Ways to Explode Your ROI

In some markets, scoring a good deal is a cinch. But what about competitive, sellers’ markets? We walk through five tactics you can use to find deals, which can be used in any market.

Don’t have a vault full of gold to swim around in? No problem. Here are 8 simple strategies to buy rental properties with (almost) no cash.

How do you earn better ROI on rentals? We’ll walk through four tactics to explode your returns, plus several bonus techniques just because!

What Actual Working Parents & Professions Have to Say


Jackie and Ken Silcox used the step-by-step system and are on their way to purchasing their second property.



John R. Morris is a working parent from Lansdale, PA


“We loved how easy it was to follow, especially the Action Steps. Can’t wait to grab more properties and keep building our passive income!”

“Snap Landlord made the process simple and manageable even for someone like me with no experience. It really was a formula: do this Action Step, at this time, and get this result.”

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